The Perfection of Patience - Conduct of Buffalo King

We read in the “Basket of Conduct” (Khuddaka Nikaya), II,5, “Conduct of Buffalo- King” that the Bodhisatta was born as a Buffalo. A monkey urinated four times over his shoulder, forehead and eyebrows. A yakkha advised him to kill that monkey, but the Bodhisatta did not give in to anger. He wanted to keep his purity of síla and did not kill that monkey. He aspired for omniscience. He said:

“Someone of wisdom,

who is forgiving disrespect among low, medium, high,

thus obtains, intent of mind, according as he aspired.”
A wise person will have patience and he can endure words of disdain, no matter whether these are spoken by someone who is higher in rank, who is lower in rank or by an evil person, because one should develop patience with regard to everybody. 

Topic 282