The Perfection of Patience - A wise man & a dull witted man

The Commentary to the “Basket of Conduct” (Miscellaneous Sayings) reminds us to consider our own patience :

“Again, only the man of wisdom can patiently tolerate the wrongs of others,

not the dull-witted man.

In the man lacking wisdom, the wrongs of others only provoke impatience;

but for the wise, they call his patience into play and make it grow even stronger.”
There is a difference between a person with panna and without it. As to the person with panna, no matter what wrong someone else has done to him, this makes his patience grow firmer and more accomplished. As to the person who lacks panna, the wrongs of someone else provoke an increase in impatience, the opposite of patience.
Patience is needed with regard to our environment, in the different situations of daily life. Daily life can be a test for our patience and endurance.

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