The Perfection of Patience - When perfections is completed

The Paramatthadípaní, the Commentary to the Khuddaka Nikaya, Commentary to the “Theragatha”, Nidana Katha, states:

“The perfection of panna which supports and fulfils all the perfections,

the perfection of generosity and the others, of all Bodhisattas,

brings gradually to maturity

and complete fulfilment the awakening wisdom of the Buddha

by which he attained Buddhahood.

Also respectively, in the case of the Silent Buddhas and the disciples:

it brings gradually to maturity

and complete fulfillment the awakening wisdom of the Silent Buddhas and the disciples...


The highest patience in the development of kusala, dana etc.,

for the awakening wisdom of the Silent Buddhas

and of the disciples is considered as effort or energy (viriya).


The endurance when refraining from anger is considered as patience.


The performing of generosity (dana), the undertaking of síla etc.,

and the abstaining from speech which deviates from the truth

is considered as truthfulness (sacca).


Decisiveness which is unshakable, firm,

and which accomplishes what is beneficial in all respects

is considered as determination (aditthana).


Intentness on the benefit of other beings

which is the foundation for performing dana, síla etc.,

is considered as loving-kindness (metta).


Evenmindedness towards improper deeds done by other beings

is considered as equanimity (upekkha).


Therefore, when dana, síla and bhavana (mental development),

or síla, samadhi and panna are present,

the perfections, viriya etc., can be regarded as completed.”


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