The Perfection of Patience - He cannot endure

We read in the “Gradual Sayings”, Book of the Fives, Ch IX, §5, “He cannot endure” that the Buddha said:

“Monks, possessed of five qualities,

among his fellows in the godly life (brahma cariya),

an elder becomes neither dear nor pleasant nor respected nor praised.


He cannot endure forms, sounds, smells, tastes and touches.


Monks, possessed of these five qualities,

an elder becomes neither dear nor pleasant nor respected nor praised.


By the opposte qualities, a person who can endure forms (visible objects),

sounds, smells, tastes amd touches,

will become, among his fellows in the godly life, dear, pleasant, respected and praised.”


The Buddha did not teach Dhamma only to monks, but also to all his followers

who developed panna. He taught Dhamma so that one can see that the truth is

the truth: someone who is dear, pleasant, respected and who should be praised is

a person who can endure visible objects, sounds, smells, tastes and touches.


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