The Perfection of Morality - Ascetic Akitti’s sila V

If we wish to develop the perfection of renunciation we should consider this

passage. If we associate with fools we cannot develop renunciation. The

perfections are interrelated and from the beginning we should consider all of

them. We read:


“The ascetic Akitti said, ‘Fools advise to do what is improper,

they are likely to be engaged with improper activities

it is difficult to advise them to perform good deeds.

When someone speaks to them in a wholesome way,

hoping that they will become righteous,

they retort with anger.

Fools do not know the rules of right conduct (vinaya).

It is beneficial not to see fools.’


Sakka asked: ‘Kassapa, what else do you wish for?’


The ascetic Akitti said: ‘Sakka King of the Devas,

if you like to give me a boon, I would ask you the following boon:

people should see wise men,

they should listen to them,

seek their company and cherish conversations with them.’ ”


Sakka questioned Akitti so that he would give a clear explanation for the benefit

of those who wish to have precise understanding and who study the Dhamma.

We read:


“Sakka asked Akitti, ‘Kassapa,

please explain the reason why you like to associate with the wise,

why you wish to see the wise?’


The ascetic Akitti said, ‘The wise advise to do what is proper,

they are not engaged with improper activities.

It is easy to encourage the wise.

They do not retort well-spoken words with anger.

They know well right conduct.

It is good to associate with the wise.’


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