The Perfection of Morality - Sila subdues coarse defilements

The transgression of morality, sila, such as killing, stealing, sexual misconduct,

is motivated by akusala: by attachment (lobha), aversion (dosa), and ignorance

(moha). When someone commits evil deeds he lacks metta, loving-kindness

towards others. All akusala kammas are conditioned by clinging to visible object,

sound, smell, flavour, tangible object and the wrong view that there is self, being

or person.


The streamwinner who has realized the four noble Truths and attained the first

stage of enlightenment, has eradicated the defilements in accordance with that

stage of enlightenment. He observes the five precepts perfectly, he cannot

transgress them any more. If one is not a streamwinner which precepts can one

observe? Even before we are a streamwinner, we should not transgress the

precepts. The coarse defilements can be subdued and worn away until panna

will be developed to the degree of a perfection and is able to realize the four

noble Truths.

Topic 278