The Perfection of Morality - Virtue of Bodhisatta II

In these ways síla is purified. We read further on about the virtue of the



“When he speaks, his statements should be truthful, beneficial, and endearing,

and his talk measured, timely, and concerned with the Dhamma.

His mind should always be devoid of covetousness, ill-will, and perverted views.

He should possess the knowledge of the ownership of kamma,

and have settled faith and affection for recluses and brahmins

who are faring and practising rightly...


By desisting from false speech his word comes to be authoritative for others.

He is regarded as reliable and trustworthy,

one whose statements are always accepted.

He is dear and agreeable to deities.

His mouth gives off a sweet fragrance

and he guards his bodily and vocal conduct.

He achieves distinguished characteristics,

and eradicates the mental impressions of the defilements


By desisting from slander he obtains a retinue and following

that cannot be divided by the attacks of others.

He possesses unbreakable faith in the true Dhamma.

He is a firm friend, as exceedingly dear to beings

as though they were acquainted with him in the last existence.

And he is devoted to nondefilement.


By desisting from harsh speech he becomes dear and agreeable to beings,

pleasant in character, sweet in speech, held in esteem.

And he develops a voice endowed with eight factors


By desisting from idle chatter he becomes dear and agreeable to beings,

revered, held in esteem.

His statements are accepted and his talk measured.

He acquires great influence and power,

and becomes skilful in answering the questions of others

with the ingenuity that creates opportunities (to benefit others).

And when he reaches the plane of Buddhahood,

he becomes capable of answering the numerous questions of beings,

speaking numerous languages all with a single reply.


Through his freedom from covetousness he gains what he wishes

and obtains whatever excellent possessions he needs.

He is honoured by powerful khattiyas

He can never be vanquished by his adversaries,

is never defective in his faculties,

and becomes the peerless individual.”



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