The Factors Leading to Enlightenment - Four Bases of Success

The four right efforts are the foundation for the accomplishment of result, but there are other sobhana dhammas needed to reach the goal and among these are the four “Roads to Power” or “Bases of Success" (iddhi- padas). These four iddhi-padas are the following:
The Basis of Success of chanda. This is chanda cetasika or wish-to-do. Chanda wishes to consider and to be aware of the characteristics of the namas and rupas that are appearing, so that they can be known as they are. Chanda is compared to a royal attendant who is diligent in his service to the King. Even so is chanda a basis of accomplishment so that the right result can be reached.
The Basis of Success of viriya. This is viriya cetasika or energy, energy to notice and consider the characteristics of the namas and rupas that are appearing. By dependence on energy the right result can be accomplished. Viriya is compared to a royal attendant who assists the King by his courage in the performance of his task.
The Basis of Success of citta. Through citta the right result can be achieved. Citta is compared to a royal attendant who gives assistance to the King by accomplishing his task well because of his natural good qualities.
The Basis of Success of vimamsa, investigation. This is panna cetasika that carefully considers and investigates the characteristics of realities. By dependence on panna the right result can be achieved. Vimamsa is compared to a royal attendant who gives assistance to the King by his wisdom.
Each of these royal attendants can, because of his own natural capability, be a dependable support in the accomplishment of the goal. Even so the B ases of Success are a dependable support to reach the right result.

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