The Factors Leading to Enlightenment - Four right efforts

When sati of satipatthana notices and considers the characteristics of the namas and rupas that appear, there is also right effort arising together with sati. Right effort can be classified as fourfold, as four sammappadhanas (right efforts): the effort to avoid (samvara-padhana), the effort to overcome (pahana-padhana), the effort to develop (bhavana-padhana), and the effort to maintain (anurakkhana-padhana). These four right efforts are explained as follows:
Samvara-padhana is the effort to avoid the arising of akusala dhammas that have not arisen yet. Pahana-padhana is the effort to overcome or eliminate the akusala dhammas that have arisen. Bhavana-padhana is the effort to develop the kusala dhammas that have not yet arisen. Anurakkhana-padhana is the effort to maintain the kusala dhammas that have arisen so that they will reach completion.
These four right efforts are the foundation for the accomplishment of result, but there are other sobhana dhammas needed to reach the goal and among these are the four “Roads to Power” or “Bases of Success” (iddhi-padas).

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