The Development of Insight
237  The Factors Leading to Enlightenment

Before the Buddha’s enlightenment people abstained from akusala by the observance of síla and they could, by the development of samatha, temporarily subdue defilements (vikkhambhana pahana) . They could cultivate samatha even to the highest stage of arupa-jhana, the stage of “neither-perception-nor-non-perception.” However, nobody could eradicate the inherent tendencies, the anusaya kilesas. The Buddha, after he had accumulated the perfections (paramis) for four incalculable periods of time and a hundred thousand aeons, attained Buddhahood and thereby became the Samma-sambuddha, who is unsurpassed in wisdom. He taught the way that should be followed to realise the Ariyan Truths.

Date 31 Mar 2024