The Characteristic of Dukkha - Panna is developed stage by stage

Questioner: For most people the aim of the development of satipatthana is to become free from dukkha. When panna has arisen one will be free from dukkha.
Sujin: Freedom from dukkha cannot be realized easily. Panna should first be developed stage by stage, so that ignorance, doubt and wrong view that takes realities for self can be eliminated. If people develop sati and panna naturally, they will know that panna grows very gradually, because ignorance arises many more times a day than kusala. This was so in past lives and it is also like this in the present life.
Questioner: The problem is that when an object impinges on one of the doorways I am bound to be forgetful, I lack sati.
Sujin: That is quite normal. When sati is still weak, it cannot arise immediately.

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