The Natural Way of Development - What should I do to have more understanding?

Questioner: Everything you have explained is very beneficial for me at this moment. But, although I have some understanding of what I heard, my understanding is not yet sufficient. When I practise satipatthana I immediately cling to a concept of self who is making use of sati. I am only a beginner and, as far as I know myself, I have not even attained the first stage of insight that knows the difference between the characteristic of nama and of rupa, nama-rupa-pariccheda-nana. What should I do to have more understanding?  Sujin: If someone tries to do something special with the aim to develop insight, his life will be very complicated. How can he act in the right way if there is still a concept of self who will do particular things? If people wish to do particular things in order to have more understanding, they are clinging. They cling to the understanding of nama and rupa that have arisen already. Satipatthana is the dhamma which is aware of whatever reality appears through one of the six doors, such as the dhamma appearing through the eyes, visible object, when there is seeing at this moment. Then satipatthana can be naturally aware and panna can begin to study and investigate the true nature of nama and rupa.

Questioner: How should we develop satipatthana when we are seeing?  Sujin: When there is seeing you can be aware and realize that what appears to seeing is a type of reality which only appears through the eyes. When we see hairs, a table, a chair, a pillar or a hall, we should know that what is seen is in reality only that which appears through the eyes. It does not appear through the ears, the nose, the tongue or the bodysense. When panna has not been developed to the degree of knowing the difference between the characteristics of nama and rupa, this stage of insight cannot arise.

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