The Natural Way of Development - Samatha and Vipasana

Questioner: Among the forty kinds of meditation subjects of samatha I prefer “Mindfulness of Breathing.” However, I understand that by means of this subject, I cannot eradicate defilements, that I cannot realise the Noble Truths and reach nibbana.
Sujin: Through samatha defilements cannot be eradicated, nor can the Noble Truths be realised and nibbana be attained.
Questioner: I think that people’s aim is eradicating defilements and attaining nibbana. However, they do not understand what the cause of clinging is in daily life. They do not know when there is lobha. If someone just wishes to eradicate defilements without knowing them as they are, there is clinging to a result. Is it then possible for them to develop satipatthana? Sujin: No, it is impossible.
Questioner: Can we develop both samatha and vipassana? Sujin: People will know for themselves whether they are developing samatha or vipassana. However, if there is no right understanding of these different ways of development, neither samatha nor vipassana can be developed.
Questioner: Could you please give some directions for the development of vipassana? Sujin: Nobody can hasten the development of satipatthana. The goal of satipatthana is the eradication of defilements. However, a person who does not know his defilements is not motivated to follow the way leading to their eradication. If someone would line up children who are ignorant of their defilements and tell them to eradicate defilements by the development satipatthana, they would not want to eradicate defilements. How could they then develop satipatthana? All people, children and adults alike, have many  defilements. If one would ask them whether they would wish to get rid of them, most of them would answer that they do not wish to. Therefore, one should not try to force others to develop satipatthana. 
Some people, when they hear about defilements, may not like to have them, but do they really know their defilements? Attachment, lobha, is a defilement.   Do people want to have lobha? They may not like the idea of having lobha, but actually, people like lobha each and every moment. This shows that one does not understand the characteristic of the defilement of lobha. We can find out whether we really understand lobha as a defilement or not. Is the food delicious? Are our clothes and the things with which we beautify ourselves nice? Is the music pleasing, the odour fragrant, and the chair soft and comfortable? Is what we touch agreeable? Although some people do not like the idea of having lobha and think that they should not have it, they can find out that citta likes lobha all the time. The development of satipatthana is the development of sati and panna. It is not trying to have concentration, samdhi.

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