The Perfection of Wisdom - Conduct of Yudanjaya II

The Commentary to the “Conduct of Yudanjaya” explains about the beginning of

panna in that life of the Bodhisatta. We read:


“By offering maha-dana before he retired from the world

and by his giving up of the kingdom he fulfilled the perfection of giving.


By his restraint in action and speech he fulfilled the perfection of síla.


By his going forth from worldly life and by his attainment of jhana

he fulfilled the perfection of renunciation.

In that life he began to develop panna by wise consideration of impermanence

so that eventually the higher powers (abhinnas) could be attained;

he developed panna which could distinguish the dhammas

that were beneficial from those that were not beneficial

for the development of generosity and so on.

In that way he fulfilled the perfection of panna.


By energy for the accomplishment of what was beneficial in all his undertakings

he fulfilled the perfection of energy.


By patience associated with panna (nana khanti) and by endurance (adhivasana khanti)

he fulfilled the perfection of patience.


By not speaking wrongly, not deviating from what he had promised,

he fulfilled the perfection of truthfulness.


By his unshakable determination in all that he undertook and observed,

he fulfilled the perfection of determination.


By the power of the divine abiding of loving-kindness,

thinking only of the benefit of all beings,

he fulfilled the perfection of loving-kindness.


By his evenmindedness towards beings’ contrarious behaviour,

and by the divine abiding of equanimity,

he fulfilled the perfection of equanimity.

These are the ways by which he fulfilled the ten perfections.”


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