The Perfection of Wisdom - Dispeller of Delusion

The “Dispeller of Delusion”, the Commentary to the “Book of Analysis”, (Ch 4, Classification of the Truths, 85), states about the fourth noble Truth, the Path:

“...the Truth of the Path has the characteristic of outlet,

its function is to abandon defilements,

it manifests itself as emergence...”

The Commentary explains that apart from the Path, there is no other “outlet”, no way out, and that it is not otherwise. The “Dispeller of Delusion” mentions that some people deny the four noble Truths and proclaim that the Truth of dukkha is different and the same for the other three Truths. With regard to the fourth Truth, the Path, the “Dispeller of Delusion” explains that the wise know that the Path is a Truth, that it is truly an outlet.
Each time when sati arises and is aware of the characteristics of realities and investigates them so that the characteristic of nama, the dhamma which experiences, can be distinguished from the characteristic of rupa which appears, the Path is developed. This is the Path that is a true way out, leading to the eradication of defilements. Hence it has been said that the wise know that the Path is a Truth, that it is the only way leading to the eradication of defilements.
We read further in the “Dispeller of Delusion” with regard to the origin of dukkha that there is no other source of dukkha but craving; that it does not originate from any other cause, that it is not due to the will of a lord creator, etc.
Dukkha does not come from a cause outside, but all dukkha comes from clinging to realities, from taking them for self or “me”, and at such moments there is lobha, attachment, to this wrong view. If panna comes to know the truth of non-self, if it is able to eliminate the view that nama and rupa are self, and if it understands the characteristics of realities as they truly are, dukkha can decrease. There will be less dukkha even when panna is still of the level of investigating and considering the realities that are appearing, and begins to understand them as not self, not mine. However, only when the stage of enlightenment of the streamwinner, sotapanna, has been attained, the wrong view that takes realities for self and all other kinds of wrong view are completely eradicated. So long as one has not become a sotapanna one takes realities for self, and if wrong view is firmly engrained dukkha will increase.

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