The Stages of Vipassana - 7th stage of vipassana nana

The seventh stage of insight is knowledge of danger (adinava nana).
Knowledge of terror (bhaya nana) sees the disadvantage of the arising and falling away of nama and rupa, but when this knowledge has fallen away, clinging to the concept of self can still arise; it has not been eradicated. The person who develops satipatthana understands that the danger and disadvantage of nama and rupa that arise and fall away should be realised more deeply and under various aspects. In that way the inclination to take nama and rupa for self will decrease. When sati is aware of the  characteristics of the realities that arise and fall away panna becomes keener and sees more clearly the disadvantage of the arising and falling away of nama and rupa. Panna becomes accomplished to the degree that it conditions the arising of knowledge of danger (adinava nana). When this knowledge arises, it clearly realises the danger and disadvantage of nama and rupa that arise and fall away.

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