The Stages of Vipassana - 15th stage of vipassana nana

The fifteenth stage of vipassana nana is Fruition knowledge (phala nana).
When the magga-citta of the sotapanna has fallen away it conditions the arising of the succeeding citta, the phala-citta. The phala-citta, which is lokuttara vipakacitta immediately succeeds the magga-citta without any interval. Lokuttara kusala citta is kamma-condition for the vipakacitta which follows without delay, without there being other cittas in between, and therefore it is called “without delay” (akaliko). Thus, lokuttara vipakacitta is different from other kinds of vipakacitta. The lokuttara vipakacittas, which are two or three moments of citta arising in the magga-víthi and succeeding the magga-citta, perform the function of javana. Thus, they perform a function different from the functions performed by other types of vipakacitta.

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