Right understanding should be developed in daily life

Acharn Sujin reminded us time and again that the development of
satipatthana should be very natural. The sotapanna sees things as they
are, but this does not mean that he cannot live his daily life. He does not
avoid the world of conventional truth, but he has no wrong view, he does
not take the unreal for reality. The sotapanna sees visible object and
after the seeing there can be thinking of the concept “person”, but he has
no misunderstanding about seeing and thinking of concepts. He knows that
there is no person there, only namas and rupas which are impermanent and
non-self, but this does not mean that he cannot think of a person; thinking is
conditioned. When thinking arises, he knows that it is a reality that thinks,
no self who thinks. The objects the sotapanna experiences and the objects
the non-ariyan experiences are the same, but the sotapanna has
eradicated wrong view about them. The objects are the same, but right
understanding which experiences them can grow. 
We have often heard that the development of satipatthana should be very
natural, but have we really grasped this? Is there right understanding in our
daily life, for example, while we are eating? We may know when we have
eaten enough. Can there be mindfulness at that moment? It is daily life, but
perhaps we have never considered such a moment. The monks have to
remember that the food they take is like a medicine for the body, that it is
not for enjoyment. Food sustains the body so that one can go on with the
development of right understanding. These considerations are also useful
for lay-followers. We enjoy our meals, but do we know when the citta is
kusala citta and when akusala citta while we are eating? While we consider
what clothes to wear for such or such occasion, for example, when we are
going to the temple, there can be mindfulness of those moments. When it is
cold, don’t we reflect about what to wear? These things belong so much to
our daily routine that we forget to be mindful. However, right understanding
can be developed, no matter what we are doing, no matter of what we are

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