Helpers of the world

The Buddha became the world’s helper out of compassion. Could we also help the world through the development of the paramís (ten perfections) and the attainment of enlightenment? The disciples of the Buddha who had developed the paramís during countless lives and who attained enlightenment could also help other beings but they could not equal the Buddha who was foremost in wisdom and virtue and who had an immeasurable compassion for all beings. However, all those who have attained enlightenment can inspire others with confidence in the Buddha’s teachings since they have proved that the eightfold Path can be developed and that it leads to the eradication of defilements. Those who have attained enlightenment can be the "good friend in Dhamma" to others. They can be of much help to others, not only through words, but above all through the application of the Dhamma in life. We read in the "Middle Length Sayings" (III, no.110, Lesser Discourse at the Time of a Full Moon) about the good qualities of the noble person (sappurisa):

“And how, monks, is a good man possessed of good states of mind?

As to this, monks, a good man has confidence (saddha),

he has shame (hiri) and fear of blame (ottappa),

he has heard much, he is of stirred up energy,

he has mindfulness aroused, he has wisdom -

it is thus, monks, that a good man is possessed of good states of mind.” 

  The ariyan, the person who has attained enlightenment, has an unshakable confidence in the Buddha, the Dhamma and the Sangha, and in wholesomeness. Even the sotapanna, the person who has attained the first stage of enlightenment and who has not yet eradicated all defilements, never neglects the five precepts. The ariyan who has developed direct understanding of realities can explain the Dhamma to others more clearly than the non-ariyan and he can truly help others to develop the eightfold Path leading to enlightenment. It is encouraging to know that if we develop the perfections along with satipatthana we do not only help ourselves but we can also help others. Thus, to a certain extent we can also become "helpers of the world".

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