Just different moments of experiencing an object

In the absolute sense there are no people, we are alone. 
“There is nobody there and nobody here. There has only ever been, and only is, and can be, just different moments of experiencing an object, only for a moment, and then there is the next moment of experiencing another object. All alone, everybody completely alone, no matter how many other people we think there are around us the whole time. And if we think that we are surrounded by other people, nice or not nice, we are really deluding ourselves. We have to realize that in the absolute sense there is nothing comforting about thinking that there are people all around us. There is nothing comforting even about thinking, ‘I am happy all by myself’. There are just empty phenomena, one after another. It is either the phenomenon which experiences, nama, or it is the phenomenon which does not experience, rupa. Both of them are empty. There is nothing reliable there, there is nothing worthwhile there. It is just the same old thing, life after life, moment after moment. In every life, just like now. So, if while we are here, we have a lot of Dhamma talk but we don’t remember the truth about the phenomena of our life we are not doing the best we can. If you have not much chance for a Dhamma talk, but you are learning honestly to know the phenomena of your life as they are, then that is what really helps. We might not always like to learn about them, but that is what counts most".

Topic 243