The Meaning of Anatta - Complete eradication of doubt and wrong view

Panna should understand directly the characteristics of realities. It is impossible to enter the gateway to nibbana if the characteristic of nama is not known, and if only the postures of sitting, lying down, standing or walking are known. If someone knows which posture he has assumed, he has only remembrance or perception of the rupas that arise together in different compositions and constitute a “whole” of a posture. He does not realize the characteristics of nama and rupa, one at a time, as they arise and appear naturally, just as they are, through the different doorways and then fall away.
As we read in the sutta, Ananda said to Udayin with reference to seeing- consciousness, that the Buddha had explained that this is also without the self. Ananda said to Udayin:

“Owing to the eye and visible object arises seeingconsciousness,

does it not, friend?”

“Yes, friend.”


“Well, friend, it is by this method that the Exalted One has explained,

opened up, and shown that this consciousness also is without the self.”
He repeated the same about the other sense-cognitions and the consciousness that experiences objects through the mind-door.
This sutta shows how beneficial it is that the Buddha explained the Dhamma completely and in all details. He explained about all types of citta, which are nama. If someone could realize the noble Truths by having only one kind of object of mindfulness, of what use would it be that the Buddha explained about all the other dhammas? He explained all about seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, the experience of tangible object, thinking, pleasant and unpleasant feeling, remembrance and other dhammas. He did so in order to help people to be mindful of these realities, to consider, study and clearly comprehend them. That is the way leading to the complete eradication of doubt and wrong view about nama and rupa.

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