The Characteristic of Dosa - Cultivation of loving kindness

As regards akusala kamma-patha through the mind performed with dosa-mūla-citta, this is the intention to hurt or harm someone else.

People often speak about violence and the ways to cure it. Who of us can say

that he is free from dosa and that he will never kill? We do not know how

much dosa we have accumulated in the course of many lives. When the

conditions are present we might commit an act of violence we did not realize

we were capable of. When we understand how ugly dosa is and to what

deeds it can lead we want to eradicate it.


In doing kind deeds to others we cannot eradicate the latent tendency of

dosa, but at least at those moments we do not accumulate more dosa. The

Buddha exhorted people to cultivate loving kindness (mettā). We read in the

Karaniya Mettā-sutta (Sutta Nipāta, vs. 143-152) that the Buddha spoke the

following words.


What should be done by one skilful in good. So as to gain the State of Peace

is this:


 Let him be able, and upright, and straight.

Easy to speak to, gentle, and not proud,

Contented too, supported easily,

With few tasks, and living very lightly,

His faculties serene, prudent and modest,

Unswayed by the emotions of the clans;

And let him never do the slightest thing

That other wise men might hold blamable.

(And let him think) In safety and in bliss

May creatures all be of a blissful heart.

Whatever breathing beings there may be,

No matter whether they are frail or firm,

With none excepted, be they long or big

Or middle-sized, or be they short or small

Or thick, as well as those seen or unseen,

Or whether they are dwelling far or near,

Existing or yet seeking to exist,

May creatures all be of a blissful heart.

Let no one work another one's undoing

Or even slight him at all anywhere;

And never let them wish each other ill

Through provocation or resentful thought.''

      And just as might a mother with her life

Protect the son that was her only child,

So let him then for every living thing

Maintain unbounded consciousness in being,

And let him too with love for all the world

Maintain unbounded consciousness in being

Above, below, and all around in between,

Untroubled, with no enemy or foe.

And while he stands, or walks or while he sits

Or while he lies down, free from drowsiness,

Let him resolve upon mindfulness:

This is Divine Abiding here, they say.

     But when he has no traficking with views,

Is virtuous, and has perfected seeing,

And purges greed for sensual desires,

He surely comes no more to any womb.

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