The Characteristic of Dosa - Regret, envy and stinginess

There are other akusala cetasikas which can arise with cittas rooted in dosa. Regret or worry, in Pāli: kukkucca, is an akusala cetasika which arises with dosa-mūla-citta at the moment we regret something bad we did or something good we omitted to do.  When there is regret we are thinking of the past instead of knowing the present moment. When we have done something wrong it is of no use having aversion. 


Envy (issā) is another cetasika which can arise with dosa-mūla-citta. There

is envy when we do not like someone else to enjoy pleasant things. At that

moment the citta does not like the object it experiences. We should find out

how often envy arises, even when it is more subtle. This is a way to know

whether we really care for someone else or whether we only think of

ourselves when we associate with others.


Stinginess (macchariya) is another akusala cetasika which may arise with

dosa-mūla-citta. When we are stingy there is dosa as well. At that moment

we do not like someone else to share in our good fortune.

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