Act of Giving (Dana)

Q : If we compare the two kinds of persons, the one who gives and has no regret afterwards and the one who gives and has regret afterwards, is it not true that the giving in the first case is more beneficial?

A : The benefit or result of generosity is greater if the intention to give is pure at three periods of time, namely: when one makes the decision to give, at the moment of giving and after one has given. The reason is that there are more kusala cittas arising and the kusala citta is purer. However, the best way of giving is giving without expectation of any result, no expectation to acquire anything for oneself, such as possessions, honour or praise one believes is due to oneself. If someone gives because he knows that giving is beneficial, something that ought to be done, there is no lobha, attachment, no expectation of result in the form of acquiring things for oneself.

Topic 55