Dasa Dana

Q : The subject of dana, generosity, is very detailed, very subtle. For instance, some people give ugly things, some give ordinary things whereas others give excellent things. What is the result people will receive in each of these three cases?

A : In the case of someone who gives something which is less valuable or less beautiful than what he possesses or uses himself, there is generosity of a slave (dasa dana). The person who gives is a slave of attachment. He is not yet able to give things away which are just as good as or more excellent than the things he has himself. When there is an opportunity for giving he will only give what is inferior to or less beautiful than what he uses himself or likes to have himself, because he still clings to his possessions. When he receives the result of his deed by way of the experience of an object through eyes, ears, nose, tongue or body , this result will be inferior, because kamma produces its appropriate result .

Topic 56