Seeing is a type of consciousness

Seeing is a type of consciousness, it is a reality which has its own characteristic. It is not the body, it is not tangible object, it is not materiality. It is an element which experiences visible object. Seeing is seeing for everyone, it dos not belong to any race of nationality. Also animals see. Seeing is the same, no matter how you call it. Thus it is absolute truth for everyone, it is an absolute reality. We do not have to use any names for realities, they have their own function, their own characteristic which can be directly experienced.  Seeing sees visible object, no matter it is your seeing or my seeing.  Seeing cannot touch visible object, it can only see it.  Can you touch visible object?  Do you see me?  You can only see visible object.  After seeing there is thinking of different shapes and forms and there is memory of different things and people.  A person cannot be seen, there can only be thinking about a person.  Thinking is another type of reality, arising at another moment.  We can gradually develop more understanding of realities, and thus there will be lighter in our life.

Topic 29