Depending on kamma

Citta and cetasika, which are both mental phenomena, nama, arise because
of their appropriate conditions.  Wholesome qualities and unwholesome
qualities which arose in the past can conditon the arisng of such qualities at
present.  Since our life is an unbroken series of cittas, succeeding one
another, wholesome qualities and unwholesome qualities can be accumulated
from one moment to the next moment, and thus there are conditions for their
arising at the present time.
Some cittas are results of akusala kamma and kusala kamma, they are
vipakacittas. Kamma is intention or volition.  When there is unwholesome
volition it can motivate an unwholesome deed which can bring an unpleasant
result later on, and when there is wholesome volition it can motivate a
wholesome deed which can bring a pleasant result later on. Akusala kamma
and kusala kamma are accumulated from one moment of citta to the next
moment, and thus they can produce results later on.  Kamma produces result
in the form of rebirth-consciousness, or, in the course of life, in the form of
seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting and the experience of tangible object
through the bodysense.  These vipakacittas experience pleasant objects or
unpleasant objects, depending on kamma which produces them.

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