Concepts II - Mind-door object

Question: Did you say that a concept is a kind of dhammarammana (mind-door object)?
Sujin: A concept is dhammarammana. It is an object that can only be known through the mind-door.
Question: Are there also paramattha dhammas (ultimate realities) which are dhammarammana?
Sujin: There are six classes of dhammarammana. Five classes are paramattha dhammas and one class is not paramattha dhamma. We should know when an object is a concept. When an object is not a paramattha dhamma the object is a concept.
When we think of concepts in daily life the characteristics of the paramattha dhammas, which are experienced through the six doors, are hidden. Thus, realities are not known as they are. One does not know that what appears through the eyes is not a being, person or self. It is only colour that appears when it impinges on the eye-sense. When will panna become keener so that it will know the truth when there is seeing?
When the truth is known we will let go of the idea that there is a self, that there are beings or people. One will be able to distinguish between the object which is a paramattha dhamma and the object which is a concept and one will have right understanding of the realities which appear through the six doors. 

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