Concepts I - To what are we attached in daily life?

Question: If it is known through the mind-door that there is a pen, is that right or wrong?
Sujin: It is not wrong. The object at that moment is a concept which is included in dhammarammana (mind-door object). However, panna should realise the difference between the mind-door process and the eye-door process. When one does not develop panna one cannot distinguish the sense-door process and the mind-door process from each other and then one believes that there are beings, people and different things. To what are we attached in daily life? What does lobha (mental factor of craving) like? It likes everything, and what does this mean?
Question: All things which are desirable.
Sujin: Lobha likes everything, including concepts. The world is full of concepts. We cannot stop liking paramattha dhammas as well as pannattis. Whenever we like something we do not merely like a paramattha dhamma, we also like a  concept. When we, for example, like a particular belt, we like the colour which appears through the eyes.
Question: We also like its trademark.
Sujin: We like everything. When we say that we like colours, what are these colours? They are the colours of eyebrows, eyes, nose, or mouth. If there were no colours appearing how could there be eyebrows, eyes, nose, or mouth? There could not be. However, when we see colours such as red, green, grey, blue, or white we should know that colour is only the reality that appears through the eyes. Nevertheless, we like the colours of eyes, nose, and mouth. Thus, we like concepts. Paramattha dhammas are real. However, when we like something we like both the paramattha dhamma that appears and the concept, which is formed up on account of that paramattha dhamma.

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