The Perfection of Determination - We need firm determination

The perfection of determination, aditthana paramí, is the firm determination to realize the four noble Truths, even though one has to go a long way and it will take an endlessly long time to reach the goal.
However, if one develops the Path with firm determination one will eventually reach the goal. Determination in this life means determination to develop each kind of kusala with the aim to realize the four noble Truths. We should not deviate from this goal by aiming for the pleasant objects of gain, honour, praise and wellbeing, or visible object, sound, odour, flavour and tangible object. In that case, we would accumulate clinging instead of giving up and abandoning.
The perfection of determination will lead to detachment from desire for sense objects. If we are infatuated with the sense objects, if we are deluded by them and cling to them, we shall wish to have them again and again and we shall never be satisfied. Then we shall not be inclined to develop the perfections in order to eradicate defilements.
Many different types of citta arise and fall away: kusala cittas arise and shortly afterwards akusala cittas arise. Sometimes we have determination for kusala citta but when akusala citta arises and induces us to give in to akusala, we easily give up kusala and we pursue akusala. This shows that we need firm determination for the eradication of defilements.
If we want to realize the four noble Truths we should see the benefit of being unshakeable in the development of kusala dhammas and the abandonment of defilements. If we lack the perfection of determination, kusala dhammas cannot develop.

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