The Perfection of Renunciation - Susima Jataka I

We read that the Bodhisatta in one of his former lives considered the true nature of his akusala, he knew that it often arose. He realized how difficult it was to give up clinging to the sense objects. We read in the Commentary to the “Susima Jataka”(no. 411) that the Bodhisatta considered the citta which had to strive after the giving up of clinging to sense objects, to visible object, sound, odour, flavour and tangible object:

“The Bodhisatta considered:

a sick person cannot turn himself over by his own strength.

The hospital nurse has to attach a string so that he can pull himself up,

and he should exhort him with the words,

‘come, pull this string so that you can turn yourself over.’

When he pulls that string he can turn himself over and experiences bodily wellbeing,

but he does not find mental ease, be it even slight.

This situation is the same as when beings are inflamed because of their defilements:

they cannot uplift themselves and turn away from defilements

by means of happiness arising from solitude.”

  If there is no clinging to the sense objects, one will have true calm, there will be happiness arising from solitude; one is tranquil and free from clinging to the sense objects. However, in order to become uplifted and turn away from defilements, to become free from clinging, to depart from sensepleasures, we need the assistance of the perfections we have accumulated. Only in that way can we renounce the sense pleasures.


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