The Perfection of Generosity - The Bodhisatta’s giving I

We read in the Commentary:

“Giving thus, the Great Man does not give unwillingly,

nor by afflicting others, nor out of fear, moral shame,

or the scolding of those in need of gifts.

When there is something excellent, he does not give what is mean.

He does not give extolling himself and disparaging others.

He does not give out of desire for the fruit,

nor with loathing for those who ask,

nor with lack of consideration.

Rather, he gives thoroughly, with his own hand,

at the proper time, considerately, without discrimination,

filled with joy throughout the three times (before, during and after giving).

Having given, he does not become remorseful afterwards.

He does not become either conceited or obsequious in relation to the recipients,

but behaves amiably towards them.

Bountiful and liberal, he gives things together with a bonus (saparivara).

For when he gives food, thinking: ‘I will give this along with a bonus’,

he gives garments, etc. as well.

And when he gives garments, thinking: ‘I will give this along with a bonus,’

he gives food, etc. as well...”
His generosity is boundless, and he gives something else as a bonus to  accompany his gift. In our daily life we all should investigate and examine the realities that arise within us as they really are. Although we have listened to the texts about the Bodhisatta’s giving, the way we give depends on conditions and we cannot equal the Bodhisatta in generosity.

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