Learn to understand this moment

We should learn to understand this moment. People have different thoughts, different feelings because of different conditions. We think that there is a self, that there is “I”, but what we consider as “I” must be this moment of seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting or thinking. Seeing sees a pleasant object or an unpleasant object, but such experiences occur at different moments.    Different experiences cannot occur all at the same time.

In order to understand our life from moment to moment, we do not have to think in terms of a particular religion. Realities such as seeing, hearing or feeling are true for everybody, no matter which language we use in order to name them.   Most people take seeing for “my seeing”, they take it for self.  Or they take hearing for “self”, they take the body for “my body”.  All realities fall away very rapidly, they cannot stay. Each particle of the body falls away  immediately, otherwise one could not notice any change in the body.

Topic 24