Right understanding is our best teacher

If one does not consider the Dhamma enough in one’s daily life it can be due to clinging to one’s good friend in the Dhamma. One may be inclined to ask questions all the time, but sometimes it may be better to consider oneself the points one wants to be clarified. The good friend in Dhamma can point out to us the Way, but we should be courageous enough to develop right understanding ourselves. Right understanding is our best teacher; it knows kusala as kusala, akusala as akusala, it can solve all our doubts. Right understanding knows whether there is any development or not yet and it knows what hinders our development.

We found out that we did not develop satipatthana with a sincere inclination and this is also a hindrance. The purpose of satipttìhana is the eradication of the wrong view of self and of all defilements. We want to listen to Dhamma talks because it gives us a feeling of security and we enjoy moments of peace and calm. But we do not want to apply the Dhamma. “We pay lipservice to satipatthana”, Bhante Dhammadharo said. Do we really see the value of all levels of kusala? All kinds of kusala are beneficial and they help us to have less lobha, dosa and moha. If one sees the benefit of satipatthana one should at the same time also practise true generosity without selfish motives, one should have true consideration for others and develop loving kindness and compassion. Do we think of kusala in a selfish way? We may cling to a concept of “my kusala”. When we see the benefit of unselfishness we shall develop all levels of kusala and we shall also have more understanding of the purpose of satipatthana: the eradication of defilements.

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