The First Citta in Life - Happy rebirth is not assured II

If akusala kamma produces the rebirth of the next life there will be an unhappy rebirth. In that case the cittas which arise shortly before the dying- consciousness are akusala cittas and they experience an unpleasant object. The patisandhi-citta of the next life which succeeds the cuti-citta (the dying- consciousness), experiences that same unpleasant object. If kusala kamma produces the rebirth there will be a happy rebirth. In that case kusala cittas arise shortly before the cuti-citta and they experience a pleasant object. The patisandhi-citta of the next life experiences that same pleasant object.


People want to know whether they can ensure a happy rebirth for themselves

by controlling the last cittas before the cuti-citta, by inducing them to be

kusala. Some people invite monks to chant at the deathbed of a dying person

in order to help him to have kusala cittas. However, nobody can be sure that

his rebirth will be a happy one, unless he has attained one of the stages of

enlightenment. One cannot have power over one's cittas. Can we control our

thoughts now, at this moment? Since we cannot do this, how could we

control our thoughts at the time shortly before dying? There is no self who

can decide about his rebirth in a next life. After the last akusala cittas or

kusala cittas in life have fallen away, the cuti-citta arises. The cuti-citta is

succeeded by the patisandhi-citta of the next life. When the patisandhi-citta

arises a new lifespan starts. So long as there is kamma there will be future


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