Different Degrees of Lobha - Eradication of lobha II

The person who has realized the second stage of enlightenment, the sakadāgāmi (once-returner), has less lobha than the sotāpanna. The person who realized the third stage of enlightenment, the anāgāmi (never-returner), has no more clinging to the objects which present themselves through the five senses, but he still has conceit and he clings to rebirth. The arahat, the perfected one who has attained the fourth and last stage of enlightenment, has eradicated all forms of lobha completely.


The arahat is completely free since he has eradicated all defilements. We read

in the 'Kindred Sayings' (IV, Salāyatanavagga, Kindred Sayings on Sense,

Third Fifty, Ch. IV, par. 136, Not including), that the Buddha said to the

monks, while he was staying among the Sakkas at Devadaha:


Devas and mankind, monks, delight in objects,

they are excited by objects.

It is owing to the instability,

the coming to an end,

 the ceasing of objects,

monks, that devas and mankind live woefully.

They delight in sounds, scents, savours, in touch,

they delight in mindstates and are excited by them.

It is owing to the instability,

the coming to an end,

the ceasing of mindstates,

monks, that devas and mankind live woefully.


      But the Tathāgata, monks,

 who is Arahat, a fully-enlightened one, 

seeing as they really are,

both the arising and the destruction,

the satisfaction, the misery

and the way of escape from objects,- -

he delights not in objects,

takes not pleasure in them,

is not excited by them.

It is owing to the instability,

the coming to an end,

the ceasing of objects

that the Tathāgata dwells at ease.. . 


The Buddha and all those who are arahats have eradicated clinging to all

objects which are experienced. They have penetrated the true nature of

conditioned realities which arise and fall away, which are impermanent. The

arahat will attain the end of rebirth, the cessation of the arising of conditioned

realities and therefore, he is ''dwelling at ease''.

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