uddhacca restlessness.

uddhambhagiya-samyojana five higher fetters which tie beings to the higher planes of existance the rupa-brahma planes and the arupa-brahma planes

ujupatipanno the straight, true and proper way.

upacara access or proximatory consciousness, the second javana-citta in the process in which absorption or enlightenment is attained.

upacara-samadhi access-concentration.

upada-rupa derived rupas, the rupas other than the four great elements.

upadana clinging.

upadanakkhandha the aggregates or groups which are objects of clinging.

upanissaya-paccaya decisive support-condition.

upekkha indifferent feeling. It can stand for evenmindedness or equanimity and then it is not feeling.

Uposatha Uposatha days are days of fasting or vigil; uposatha is observed on the days of full-moon and new-moon, and sometimes also on the days of the first and last moon-quarter. In Buddhist countries there is a tradition for lay followers to visit temples and to observe eight precepts on these days.

uppada khana the arising moment of citta.

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