sabbacitta-sadharana the seven cetasikas which have to arise with every citta.

sacca truth.

sadda dana the gift of sounds (should be understood by way of the sounds of drums, etc.) .

saddarammana object of sound.

saddha faith or confidence in wholesomeness.

sahagata accompanied by.

sahajata-paccaya conascence-condition.

sahetuka accompanied by roots.

sakadagami once-returner, a noble person who has attained the second stage of enlightenment.

sakkaya ditthi wrong view of personality, wrong view about the khandhas. There are twenty kinds of personality belief (sakkaya ditthi), which are obtained by applying four types of that belief to each of the five khandhas: the belief to be identical with them, to be contained in them, to be independent of them and to be the owner of them.

samadhi concentration or one-pointedness, ekaggata cetasika.

samadhi-bhavana the development of concentration.

samanantara-paccaya contiguity-condition.

samanna lakkhana general characteristics common to all conditioned realities.

samatha the development of calm.

sambojjhanga seven factors of enlightenment.

samma right.

samma-ditthi right understanding.

samma-padhanas the four right efforts: the effort of avoiding akusala, of overcoming akusala, of developing kusala and of maintaining kusala.

samapajjati to enter upon

samma-samadhi right concentration.

samma-sambuddha a universal Buddha, a fully enlightened person who has discovered the truth all by himself, without the aid of a teacher and who can proclaim the Truth to others beings.

samma-sankappa right thinking of the eightfold Path.

samma-sati right mindfulness.

samma-vayama right mindfulness of the eightfold Path.

sampaticchana-citta receiving-consciousness.

sampajanna discrimination, comprehension.

sampayutta associated with.

sampayutta dhammas associated dhammas, citta and cetasika which arise together.

sampayutta-paccaya association-condition.

samsara the cycle of birth and death.

samuccheda extirpation

samuccheda marana final death, is the final passing away of the arahat who will not be reborn.

samvega a sense of spiritual urgency.

samyojanas The Fetters, a group of defilements.

sanditthiko visible here and now

Sangha community of monks and nuns. As one of the triple Gems it means the community of those people who have attained enlightenment.

sankhata or sankhara dhamma conditioned realities.

sankara-khandha aggregate or group of all cetasikas other than feeling and perception or remembrance.

sanna memory, remembrance or perception.

sanna-khandha memory classified as one of the five khandhas.

santirana-citta investigating-consciousness.

sappurisa good man.

Sariputta The First chief disciple of the Buddha.

sasankharika induced, instigated, either by oneself or someone else.

sati mindfulness or awareness; non-forgetfuIness of what is wholesome or non-forgetfulness of realities which appear.

satipatthana applications of mindfulness. it can mean the cetasika sati

which is aware of realities or the objects of mindfulness which are classified as four applications of mindfulness: Body, Feeling, Citta, Dhamma. Or it can mean the development of direct understanding of realities through awareness.

sa-upadi-sesa nibbana arahatship with the khandhas or groups of existence remaining, thus not final nibbana at death of an arahat.

savana-kicca function of hearing.

sayana-kicca function of tasting.

sekkha learner, has attained enlightenment but not to the degree of arahatship, whereas the asekkha, non-learner, has attained arahatship.

sila morality in action or speech, virtue.

silabbata-paramasa wrong practice.

silabbatupadana wrong practice which is clinging to certain rules (rites and rituals) in one's practice.

sobhana (citta and cetasika) beautiful, accompanied by beautiful roots.

sobhana hetus beautiful roots.

sobhana kiriyacittas kiriyacittas accompanied by sobhana (beautiful) roots.

somanassa pleasant feeling.

sota-dhatu element of earsense.

sota-dvara-vithi-cittas ear-door process cittas.

sota-dvaravajjana-citta ear-door-adverting-consciousness.

sota-vinnana hearing-consciousness.

sotapanna person who has attained the first stage of enlightenment, and who has eradicated wrong view of realities.

sukha happy, pleasant.

sukha-vedana happy or pleasant feeling.

sukhuma subtle.

sukkha vipassana mere insight, is also translated as “dry insight.”

sutta part of the scriptures containing dialogues at different places on different occasions.

suttanta a sutta text.

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