jatakas the ‘Birth Stories”, deal with all the excellent qualities the Buddha developed during his former lives, although not exclusively with the ten perfections

jati birth, nature, class (of cittas) .

javana impulsion, running through the object.

javana-citta cittas which ‘run through the object’, kusala citta or akusala citta in the case of non-arahats.

jhana absorption which can be attained through the development of calm.

jhana factors cetasikas which have to be cultivated for the attainment of jhana: vitakka, vicara, piti, sukha, samadhi.

jhana-cittas absorption consciousness attained through the development of calm.

jhana-labhí labha means gain or acquisition, and labhi means the person who acquires something.

jhana-paccaya jhana-condition.

jivha-dhatu tongue element.

jivhappasada rupa rupa which is the organ of tasting sense, capable of receiving flavour.

jivha-vinnana tasting-consciousness.

jivitindriya life-faculty or vitality.

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