The Eightfold Path

The Eightfold Path
By Nina Van Gorkom

In this book I do not pretend to give a complete outline of the Buddha's teachings. My purpose is to draw the reader to the teachings themselves and to the practice in accordance with the teachings. I want to ask the reader to read this book with discrimination and to investigate himself the Buddhist scriptures. By our own practive we can prove whether the way we follow is right or wrong. If we intend to develop vipassana the result should be: more understanding of the realities which appear at the present moment through the five senses and the mind and less clinging to the concept of self. In the final analysis the reader will have to find out himself and to decide for himself about the path he wants to follow in his life. I would like to ask the reader to consider whether this book is a guide for him to the teachings and to the practice.

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Update  13 Oct 2016