Sri Lanka Revisited

Sri Lanka Revisited
By Nina van Gorkom

  A great lesson in sincerity, that is what I would call the Dhamma discussions during my second journey in Sri Lanka. A Japanese monk, Bhante Jetananda, gave me as a birthday present the Påli text of a treatise about “wholesome roots”, taken from the “Atthasåliní”, the Commentary to the first book of the Abhidhamma, together with the English translation which he had written out by hand. The text spoke about sincerity. I did not know that “sincerity” would play such an important role during my stay in Sri Lanka. One must developsatipatthåna (the four applications of mindfulness) with a sincere inclination; with a sincere inclination to eradicate attachment (lobha), aversion (dosa) and ignorance (moha). 

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Update  13 Oct 2016