Meaning of ....penetration of the true nature of dhammas

Question : What is the meaning of the penetration of the true nature of dhammas? Answer : At this moment realities are appearing. Before we are able to penetrate the true nature of dhammas, we should know, one at a time, the characteristics of realities which we are used to taking for self. The understanding of dhammas is conditioned by listening, studying and considering. In this way we will know that there are two kinds of realities : nama dhamma, the reality which knows or experiences something, and rupa dhamma, the reality which does not experience anything. Seeing, for example, is the reality which experiences what appears through the eyes, whereas that which appears through the eyes, visible object, does not know anything. When panna clearly understands the characteristics of nama dhamma and rupa dhamma as only realities which are non-self, it wil realize later on their arising and falling away and it will penetrate the four noble Truths.

Question : Knowing that all realities which are dukkha are non-self, is that right understanding of the truth? Answer : Is there understanding of dukkha now, while you are sitting here? What is it that understands dukkha now?  In other words, is there at this moment sati, is there the development of the eight fold Path? If sati does not arise, can it be understood that the reality which is seeing is nama, and that it arises and falls away, that it is impermanent? 

Topic 84