What exactly are dhammas?

Question : What exactly are dhammas? Answer : The word "dhamma" refers to everything which is real. In Pali the word " sacca-dhamma", true dhamma, is also used, and this word designated that which is real. At this moment there is seeing, and this is real. Therefore, seeing is sacca-dhamma, true dhamma. Hearing is also sacca-dhamma, true dhamma. At this moment there is sacca-dhamma or dhamma, but when there is ignorence, dhammas are not known. The Buddha, at the attainment of enlightenment, penetrated each kind of dhamma, he realize their true nature. He understood that there are only realities which arise because of their appropriate conditions and which are not a being, not a person, not self. However, so long as we have not understood realities as they are, we cling to the wrong view of " I am seeing", "I am hearing" and we cling to the rupas of the body as "my body"

Question : Some people think that our ordinary life at this moment is not dhamma. Is this correct? Answer : If this moment is not dhamma, what is then dhamma? 

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