How can one have unshakable confidence in the Buddha?

Question : How can one have firm, unshakabe confidence in the Buddha's teaching? Answer : This happens when the lokuttara magga-citta ( supramundane ) and the accompanying cetasikas of the sotapanna, who attains the first stage of enlightenment, arise. Then there is the taking refuge in the Triple Gem with unshakable confidence due to his realization of the truth of realities. The ordinary people who has not attained enlightenment cannot take refuge in the Triple Gem with unshakable confidence, since he has not yet penetrated the truth of realities. He has not yet realize the truth that the realities appearing at this moment are non-self, that they are arising and falling away, as the Buddha has taught. So long as he has not penetrated the four noble Truths it is still possible for him to change to another belief. 

Topic 81