How to eradicate defilements?

Question : How to eradicte defilements in this life? Answer : It is only panna which can eradicate defilements. If panna does not arise it is impossible to eracate them.

Through the accumulation of wisdom together with all the other perfections ( generosity, morality, renunciation, wisdom, energy, patience, truthfulness, determination, loving kindness and equanimity ) the Bodhisatta could in his last life, at the attainment of enlightenment, become an omniscient Buddha. Therefore, everyone who is sincerely interested in the Dhama and who is motivated to study it,  should realize that the development of panna is of highest benefit. Without panna it is impossible to eradicate defilements, and if someone who does not develop panna believes that he can eradicate them, he is utterly deluded. Each person has accumulated many defilements during countless life, and in this life from the moment of birth until now. However we should not be discouraged because of this. If we listen to the Dhamma and there are more understanding of it, we can very gradually learn to investigate the characteristics of the realities which appear. This is the way leading to the realization of the truth that dhamma is dhamma, not "I"  "mine" or "self"     

Topic 79