How is Buddhism different from other religions?

Question : How is Buddhism different from other religions? Aaswer : All other religions are about the worship of one or multiple deities. Buddhism is about realities and understanding realities.  All other religions are based on the belief in a higher being, who could influence if not entirely control the lives of people. Believers are required to believe unconditionally or have faith without fail in order to deserve whatever goodness they desire in life or the hereafter, it requires a bond to the God and absolute obedience.  Buddhism rejects blind faith entirely, the Buddha taught us never to believe without first reasoning for ourselves, knowledge is not forbidden like in some religions, but a requisite to accomplish higher aspirations.

While other religions depend on the higher being to dispense whatever he pleases on them whether it were greatness and nobility, fortune and fame, a good harvest or a child, right down to thunder and lighting, a burning bush or a plague, or even cancer and aids; the Buddha teaches us we have all been born every being possible throughout the millenniums by conditions: brahma gods and hell bounds, deva and animals, as results of good and bad deeds.  Endlessly we have existed and created more conditions and lived throughout infinite results, and we have returned for more. For forty-five years, he also taught us how to deliver ourselves from this never-ending carousel and find the ultimate happiness of Nirvana.

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