practice vipassana

 Question : How should we practice vipassana?  Answer : The situation is not: that a teacher tells you first what to do,  that you “practise’ together, that you do this, then that, at a certain time,  in a special place. There is no rule, there is no special technique. In fact,  we don’t use the words practising vipassana, but rather: developing  understanding of realities little by little, and that, quite naturally, in daily  life. We should see the advantage of understanding different realities,  different momentary conditions, to realize that there is no "me" who is  developing but that wisdom gradually develops. That this development can  only happen if the right conditions are present. It can’t occur because of  wanting or forcing or pretending to ourselves that “we’ are making  progress. However, understanding will, gradually, grow if there are the  right conditions. It is anatta, not controllable by any self.

Topic 63