Introduction - The Ten Perfections in Daily Life

The ten perfections are the following:

generosity, dana,

morality, síla,

renunciation, nekkhamma,

wisdom, panna,

energy, viriya

patience, khanti

truthfulness, sacca,

determination, aditthana,

loving-kindness, metta,

equanimity, upekkha.

It is beneficial carefully to study the ten perfections so that we can consider and investigate for ourselves which perfections have not been sufficiently accumulated. We should develop all of them and in this way they can be conditions for the realization of the four noble Truths. If someone’s goal is the arising of sati that is aware of the characteristics of realities as they naturally appear in daily life, but if he does not take into consideration the development of the perfections, he will notice that time and again he is overcome by akusala kamma. There are more conditions for the arising of akusala kamma than for the arising of kusala kamma.

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