Patience has to be developed together with wisdom

We should develop patience in the different situations of our daily life. Can there be patience when it is too cold or too hot, when things in the house are out of order, when we are in the midst of a traffic jam? At such moments we should consider, “If I do not develop patience right now there never will be any patience”. We may find it difficult to see a wrong-doer as a benefactor, but we should consider our different cittas wisely. Someone who hurts us gives us the opportunity to cultivate patience. Such a situation is like a test for our patience. When we remember that we receive the result of the kamma we performed ourselves it will help us to have more endurance. In the absolute sense there are no people who hurt us, there is no self who is hurt, there are only nama and rupa which arise because of their own conditions and then fall away immediately. We read in the commentary to the Cariyapitaka Ven. Bodhi p. 279. that patience has to be developed together with wisdom. The text states:

“Again, only the man of wisdom can patiently tolerate the wrongs of others,

not the dull-witted man.

In the man lacking wisdom, the wrongs of others only provoke impatience;

for the wise they call his patience into play and make it even grow stronger.” 


Topic 263