Different Kinds of Purity - 5th Purity - 2

As to the first imperfection arising on account of illumination, this can occur when the fourth stage of insight, knowledge of the arising and falling away of nama and rupa, has fallen away. The citta may have reached such a degree of calm that it conditions the arising of illumination. When attachment to this arises it is an imperfection of insight. This imperfection causes the interruption of the development of insight. One does not investigate the arising and falling away of realities any more and does not attend to their characteristics of impermanence, dukkha and anatta.

The second imperfection is attachment to panna that clearly realises the characteristics of nama and rupa as they arise and fall away very rapidly. One is attached to the knowledge that is keen and arises in him like a lightning flash. Due to this imperfection one does not continue to investigate the arising and falling away of realities and to develop understanding of the three general characteristics.

The third imperfection is attachment to rapture and satisfaction about the direct understanding of the arising and falling away of dhammas.

The fourth imperfection is attachment to tranquility, to freedom from restlessness, heaviness, rigidity, crookedness or unwieldiness.

The fifth imperfection is attachment to the happy feeling which is very intense and which arises owing to insight.

The sixth imperfection is clinging to the resolution, steadfastness and strong confidence that arise due to insight.

The seventh imperfection is clinging to well-exerted energy which is neither too strained nor too lax, and which arises due to insight.

The eighth imperfection is clinging to well-established mindfulness and assurance that arises in association with insight.

The ninth imperfection is clinging to equanimity and impartiality towards all conditioned dhammas, which occurs in association with insight. One may cling when panna is as keen and fast as a flash of lightning while it realises the arising and falling away of the objects that appear.

The tenth imperfection of insight occurs when someone delights in insight that clearly realises, as they are, the characteristics of nama and rupa.

When panna has become keener it realises the intricacy and subtlety of the imperfections of vipassana and it knows that these must be eliminated. Panna realises that so long as they arise the right Path is not developed which leads to elimination of even the more subtle attachment to realities. That is purity by knowledge and vision of what is the path and what is not the path (maggamagga- nana-dassana-visuddhi). Then there can be insight knowledge of the fourth stage, knowledge of the arising and falling away of nama and rupa, while the person who develops insight is now free from the imperfections of insight.

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